QualTap is a comprehensive, robust and easy to use voice recording platform for Microsoft Teams environment through Microsoft Teams Direct routing using Ribbon SBC products. Provides complete visibility of customer calls and search records based on variety of data points

QualTap provides centralized recording platform for multiple Ribbon SBCs in the enterprise. The platform supports encryption and pauseand-resume voice recordings for compliance requirements

Qualtap Architecture:
Qualtap connects with Ribbon SBC to interface PSTN and Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. All external incoming and outgoing voice calls through Ribbon SBC interacts with Qualtap to initiate a Qualtap channel for voice recording. This way Qualtap keeps record of (voice and data) all Microsoft Teams direct routing PSTN calls. Qualtap routes all incoming and outgoing calls to destination through Ribbon SBC
Advanced Features:
With Qualtap your organization can also take leverage of advance Quality Management feature through add-on components like Quality Evaluations and Quality Scorecard. Quality analysts can manage quality score card templates and evaluate voice recordings for enhanced quality and performance measurements

Features & Benefits:

Voice Recording

Enhanced feature rich voice recording platform for Microsoft Teams Direct routing

Security & Compliance

Voice files and data encryption Pause & Resume for compliance Comprehensive detailed call reports Email notifications on specific calls / events

Integration with Backend Systems

Integration with backend systems through APIs for reporting or compliance requirements

UC Based Platform

Comprehensive & easy to use recording platform for Microsoft Team environment through Microsoft Teams Direct routing using Ribbon SBC products


Detailed Reporting dashboard for 360 degree visibility on the call recording

Technical Support

Multiple support models available based on customer’s requirement