AudioCodes Routing Manager

Managing the dial plan and call routing rules of multi-site, multi-vendor enterprise VoIP networks can be extremely complicated. AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) delivers a powerful, innovative solution to this problem by enabling centralized control of all session routing decisions.

Through ARM’s highly intuitive graphical user interface, system administrators can design and modify their voice network topologies and call routing policies from a single location, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Time-consuming tasks such as adding a new PSTN or SIP trunk interconnection, adding a new branch office or modifying individual users’ calling privileges can be carried out simply and rapidly.

Features & Benefits:


Centralized dial plan and policy management                                                                          

Intuitive GUI

Intuitive graphical user interface                                                                          


Auto-discovery of network elements                                                                          

Third-Party Support

Supports third-party devices