With a shortage of trained professionals, recruiting a dedicated security expert with the knowledge and leadership required to prepare and execute a successful cybersecurity strategy is time-consuming, expensive and often simply not viable. Managing security risk is a core business function in every business nowadays. Additionally, most firms do not require a full time CISO. As a solution for the problem, a virtual CISO plays the role of a CISO but at a much less cost.

The virtual CISO will have at least 5 years of CISO information security executive leadership. For audits, by adding data into the same evidence chain as technical reports, policies, and procedures, a full timeline can be provided to auditors during their audit. That way, a fully linked set of evidence is provided to the auditor, demonstrating control of business

Our solution is specifically designed to offer vCISO as a service:

Highly Experienced

We enable you to engage a highly experienced virtual CISO in place of a cyber security analyst or an IT manager. The virtual CISO will have at least 5 years of CISO information security executive leadership

Validation Strategy

The services can be customized to meet the needs of your specific organization at a fraction of the cost since you will be choosing only services that are required

Customizable Service

Validation of control is governed and chased by the vCISO team so that these event-based reports can be added to the evidence chain. This can be things like reviewing user access controls, reviewing employee on and offboarding logs in correlation with these user access controls, firewall rule reviews, and even the change and incident management monitoring

Multiple Service Levels

We have several plans in place for different sized businesses. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond

vCISO Bronze

The vCISO Bronze is meant for minimal but consistent support for businesses for information security training, annual qualitative information security risk assessment and the like

vCISO Silver

The vCISO Silver is for businesses that require more complex services than the bronze model. It includes all features of the Bronze and along with audit support, regulation compliance, vendor reviews among others

vCISO Gold

The vCISO Gold has all the features of the Silver category but at a larger scale to cater to organizations that function in more complex markets and environments

vCISO Diamond

The vCISO Diamond provides even greater scalability and more complex features than the Gold version besides including all the Gold level’s features

Flexible Engagement

Features in every level can be customized according to the needs of the organization. Additionally, we have features for project based engagements, online training sessions for employees and end users, compliance with regulations, quantitative and qualitative information security assessment, GDPR Readiness Assessment, network vulnerability assessment, web application scans, data mapping exercises and more of the kind.