Single Sign On

In today’s fast paced world, with trillions of dollars being traded in daily, SSO helps by increasing productivity, improves identity protection and reduces risk by minimizing bad password habits for customers, vendors and partner entities. The most prominent advantage of SSO is its scalability and ease of onboarding users to new SaaS applications.

We at Tecnomic, provide a glitch-free smooth experience for our clients by simplifying the logging in and out processes across all systems while at the same time, enabling fuller adoption of web and cloud technologies. This is further integrated with multi-factor authentication.

Our SSO solutions are customised and flexible according to organizational requirements and are applicable cross-domain in a single organization or across multiple organizations requirements.
Step 1: When the user requests access to a website, he/she is redirected to the SSO website to log in. The log in is then verified through another authentication server
Step 2: User is granted access and then requests access to another website. Since, the user has been previously verified, a new log in is not required