Privileged Identity Management

PIM can be used to manage, control and monitor access to important resources of an organization. Privileged Identity Management provides time-based and approval-based role activation to mitigate the risks of excessive, unnecessary, or misused access permissions on resources.

Some of the key features of Privileged Identity Management are:


Provision of just-in-time privileged access to organizational resources

Time-Bound Access

Assigning of time-bound access to resources using start and end dates


Requirement of approval to activate privileged roles                                                                          

Enforcement of MFA

Enforcement of multi-factor authentication to activate any role                                                                          

Activation Justification

Usage of justification to understand why users activate                                                                          


Generation of notifications when privileged roles are activated                                                                          

Access Reviews

Conducting access reviews to ensure users still require certain roles                                                                          

Audit History

Generation of audit history for internal or external audit