Endpoint Detection Response

EDR is a relatively new integrated endpoint security solution that addresses the need for real-time continuous monitoring of endpoint data and response to advanced threats.

Our EDR solution works by monitoring endpoint and network events and recording the information in a central database where further analysis, incident data detection and investigation. Alert triage or suspicious activity validation, data exploration, reporting and alerting happens.

We thoroughly cover the 6 key aspects of EDR which are:


Provides real time visibility to view adversary breach activities and stops them immediately

Threat Database

We collect massive amounts of telemetry from endpoints that are enriched with context so it can be mined for signs of attack with a variety of analytic techniques

Behavioural Protection

Our EDR solution provides effective endpoint detection and response which requires behavioral approaches that search for indicators of attack (IOAs), so our clients are alerted of suspicious activities before a compromise can occur

Insight & Intelligence

Our EDR solution integrates threat intelligence and can provide context, including details on the attributed adversary that is attacking you or other information about the attack

Fast Response

Our EDR enables a fast and accurate response to incidents that can stop an attack before it becomes a breach and allows our client organization to get back to business quickly

Cloud-based Solution

Having a cloud-based endpoint detection and response solution is the only way to ensure zero impact on endpoints, while making sure capabilities such as search, analysis and investigation can be done accurately and in real time