Two Factor Authentication for Skype for Business

Organizations seek a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution while connecting mobile devices to the Skype for Business server for two main reasons:

  • To prevent workers from connecting unauthorized devices which carry their corporate credentials. This is required to prevent workers from sharing Skype for Business’ resources with others such as family members or friends, and to ensure that only devices which are approved by the organization are connected. By matching the device and user, the organization can limit users to using only corporate devices or specific devices that meet the company’s security requirements.
  • Avoid connection to Skype for Business servers by hackers and other unauthorized users who obtained access to the credentials of the Active Directory (AD).
SphereShield is based on a Two Factor Authentication, using the password as something the user knows and the device as something he the user has. In such a case, unauthorized use of the user’s credentials will not be sufficient to connect to Skype for Business without having access to the device itself. Registering the device adds an authentication factor, allowing the organization to control which devices will obtain permission to connect.
SphereShield offers several approaches for registering and approving mobile devices using the Skype for Business access control module. The registration process is done by using SphereShield Access Portal, a self-service Web portal.

Features & Benefits:

Prevent Unauthorized Devices

Prevent connecting unauthorized devices which carry corporate credentials

Two Step Verification

Matching the device and user                                                                          

Threat Mitigation

Avoid connection to Skype for Business servers by malicious actors and other unauthorized users