Security Overview

Tecnomic was formed following a merger between a few groups of veteran security engineering and architecture consultants, with a strong belief that security should be an integral part of any business.

With 15 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting some of the largest and most critical security infrastructures in the world, you can be sure our consultants have walked in your shoes and experienced the challenges that you face.

Types of Attack We Protect From

Why Us?

Tecnomic is the torch-bearer of their values driven business culture in India, UAE & APAC.

We at Tecnomic specialise in strategically devising the proactive approach your business needs to protect your information irrespective of the multiple technologies you use to process/manage this information. Our perspective is that technology integration should be driven by clear and quantifiable business value.

  • Focused company on Information Security Technology Solutions and Services only
  • Complete InfoSec portfolio from endpoint to perimeter security
  • Strong vendor relationships for customer centric solution support
  • Proven skills for seamless integration of multiple technologies and solutions
  • Young and Dynamic team with a combined work ex of more than 20+ Years
  • Pool of qualified engineers, both onsite as well as offshore
  • Unrivalled expertise obtained through serving leading organizations across the globe for 10+ years
  • Delivering Cybersecurity with a Customer Focused Approach
  • In-house Development Team for your custom business requirements
  • Skilled and Certified Experts specializing in each solution
  • Strong Partnerships with leading IT Security Vendors
  • Tailored Solutions to meet mandatory governance, risk and compliance legislations
  • Empowering organizations to tackle the rapidly evolving threat landscape

What We Do

When it comes to cyberattacks on an enterprise, it’s not if, it’s when. There will always be new threats and trying to fend them off can be overwhelming and a drain on your resources.

We provide a comprehensive range of cyber security and data privacy solutions & services to help you assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities and respond to incidents.

Our services are designed to help you build confidence, understand and react to threats and vulnerabilities, protect what’s important and secure your environment. To successfully protect against automated attacks, it is essential to fight fire with fire – or in this case, machine against machine – by incorporating automation into cybersecurity efforts.

Attackers use automation to move faster and constantly deploy new threats. The only way to keep up and defend against these threats is to employ automation as part of your cybersecurity efforts.

We at Tecnomic have built our own very first industry leading Cyber Security Automated Framework which helps all our clients to either comply with regulations, certify to industry standards & finally fight against all day to day Cyber Security Risk & Threats.