Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation

The easiest way to attack a network, or so perceived, is to overload it through a torrent of traffic, mostly irrelevant, so that the network is confused into a total shutdown or slowed down to the point of futility or uselessness. Such attacks have been increasing regularly with the development of more powerful IoT-botnets that are available over the Darkweb.
DoS and DDoS attacks can be:
  • Volume Based - This involves a large number of requests sent to a target system which subsequently becomes overwhelmed
  • Application Based - This involves hackers attacking vulnerabilities in the web server software or application software that ultimately leads the server to hang or crash
  • Protocol Based - This involves attacking load balancers to exploit the method systems used for communication among users
DDoS mitigation is the process of protecting a server or network from Distributed Denial of Service attacks, whether it is on cloud or on premise. DDoS mitigation usually has 4 stages:
  • Detection - Abnormal traffic flow is identified instantaneously
  • Diversion - Identified traffic is rerouted (BGP/DNR routing) to be filtered or discarded as necessary
  • Filtering - DDoS traffic removed by identifying patterns responsively without interfering with users’ experience
  • Analysis - Identify offenders by reviewing security logs to improve future resilience

Our DDoS mitigation solution effectively counters all the threats such attacks pose globally and has the capacity to counter even the biggest volumetric attacks. A few examples of how we function are:

Behaviour Based Detection

Behavioural based detection which uses advanced ML algorithms which can block illegitimate traffic which ultimately provides zero-day DDoS protection

Patent Protected Real-Time Attack Signature

Our solution has automated signature creation to achieve highest mitigation accuracy

Multiple Deployment Options

Different modes of delivery of protection- on-demand, always-on and hybrid

Shorter Time Requirement

Our solution’s advanced automated technology helps in quicker detection and mitigation of threats

Integrated Solution

We provide multi-vector web application protection with a comprehensive and centralized reporting system