Patch Management

As the number of ransomware attacks increases everyday, for large organizations with multiple servers, it becomes strenuous to ensure that all of them remain updated at all times. Patch management is an absolute necessity because unpatched softwares and operating systems make the firm more vulnerable to cyber attacks and security breaches.
We at Tecnomic, provide an automated patch management system which improves the productivity and security of the system besides integrating all new developments and bug fixes of softwares applications. We help make certain that all devices and servers on the entire network get updated and patched comprehensively at the same time given the importance of these in the functioning of the business.

To prevent disruptions to our clients’ businesses, we adhere the following processes:

Network Inventory

A thorough inventory of networks and devices is maintained at all times

Device Standardization

Standardized devices are used to make the implementation of patches free of glitches

Risk Assessment

An exhaustive risk assessment is done to make patch management smooth sailing

Patch Testing

Patch testing and deployment is done at non-peak hours to minimise problems or disruptions

Auditing & Reporting

Auditing and reporting done for the entire process and afterwards to maintain regularity