Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile devices have become a major point of concern for enterprises because they risk becoming the weak link in enterprise security. To ensure cyber-resilience, it is important to have an advanced threat prevention solution that can detect, analyse, report and control unknown threats like malwares, phishing, MITM attacks, etc.
Through our MTD solution, we provide increased visibility and a snag-free integration and implementation into the enterprise’s security system. The solution has a strong administrative capability which can detect suspicious behaviour in apps and devices across the entire network of the enterprise. It also enables a quick response to APT attacks between platforms.
We effectively preserve our user's experience and privacy while simultaneously adding the protection required by regulatory mandates, thereby protecting against any possible security breaches.

For providing a solution, which is first in its class in providing continuous, on-device monitoring and analysis capabilities, in order to detect threats in real time

Always On

The app on a mobile device can run without signatures, cloud capability or even an internet connection. It keeps devices secure from threat at all times and enables the devices to become attack sensors

Real-Time Defence

Threat defense against 40 known attack vendors and detection and removal of new ones, all in real time

High Visibility

Best-in-class visibility across all mobile devices in the organization to assess threats and formulate policies. Actionable information about threats from all devices help prevent security breaches

Granular Control

Control at each level of organization to efficiently mitigate mobile threats with automated policy action recommendations for end users

Constant Innovation and Updates

Constant innovation to keep up with increasing levels of threats emerging every day.