Endpoint APT Protection & Isolation Platform

Unsecured endpoints pose an immense threat to the enter organization’s databases as it puts all of it at risk from data breach and illegitimate access from unauthorized persons.
APTs are attacks on the system security that gain unauthorized access to carry out an extended, continuous attack to achieve a malicious objective.
As more and more APTs are coming into being, organizations need to become more proficient at detecting these threats before they can cause any damage. While the average time for detecting a breach is usually 150 days, our Endpoint APT protection platform can discover these threats much earlier in the timeline by observing historic data, unfiltered endpoint data, thereby proactively shutting down the threat within a short time. Subsequently, this acquired data can be used to detect future similar threats even faster.

Isolation Platform

Our partners’ platform offers a solution to stop threats before even needing to identify the characteristics of the threat. It protects the firm from potentially harmful internet content without the help of large security teams. It ultimately improves productivity.
Zero Trust Security principles are implemented to neutralize web-based, email-based or document-based threats by scanning all incoming codes and isolating it on a remote virtual browser, subsequently streaming harmless pixels back to the endpoint. It helps make users’ experience uninterrupted and secure browsing without being open to security breaches.

Features & Benefits:

Document Protection

Web, email, app, document protection                                                                          

Download Protection

Protection against web-based threats through providing drive-by download protection, malvertizing, ransomware and cryptomining protection

Web App Vulnerability Protection

Protection against web app vulnerabilities through isolation of harmful applications, and reduction of attack surface by 70% by removal of major threats