Application Whitelisting

In the realm of enterprise security, application whitelisting is a proactive approach which allows only pre-approved applications and programs to be executed. Unapproved content is blocked by default.
At Tecnomic, we provide you real-time effective AWL by creating a list of trusted applications, files, programs and allowing only those to run on managed devices. This in turn ensures that sensitive and critical data remains protected at all times. It can even stop the dreaded zero-day attacks.

Our comprehensive process of Application Whitelisting involves:

Observe & Understand

We thoroughly observe and understand the application needs of all users. Then we can accordingly associate the same AWL with users having similar app requirements. This reduces the volume of policies created

Log Collection

A full fledged log collection is done whenever a non-whitelist app is run

Log Auditing

Tentative logs are deployed in audit only mode. After proper auditing of the logs for a stipulated time period, necessary applications previously omitted from the AWL are included in it

Shared Responsibility

We empower your team with accountability & control so you can have a human firewall, without needing to build one

Policy Customization

After finalizing the AWL, policies can be customized as per requirements to ensure all databases remain secure and only authorized apps can run