Security Information Systems

At its core, SIEM is a data aggregator, search, and reporting system. SIEM gathers immense amounts of data from your entire networked environment, consolidates and makes that data human accessible. With the data categorized and laid out at your fingertips, you can research data security breaches with as much detail as needed.
Our solution is to have a glitch-free centralized monitoring system for alerting and enacting countermeasures without the technical complexities of SIEM and at a much lower cost. We offer an analytical service that allows unlimited log capacity and flexibility to deploy on-premise or AWS.
This helps simplify security operations and provides real-time monitoring for threat intelligence, log management, reporting, support and the like.

Our Security Information and Event Management solution works in the following ways:

Identify Risks

Risk is identified through the state-of-the-art correlation engine with continuously updated, enhanced and customized correlation rules and policies

Management of Security Flaws

An effective management of security flaws is enabled. A fraudulent use of the IT and applications, internal fraud and security threats are detected out of millions of events

Analyze Suspicious Events

Our Intelligence Team analyses suspicious events and prioritizes them in terms of business criticality and need for urgency

Achieve Effective Configuration

An effective configuration of the system is achieved through predefined filters, templates and plugins. Thus, setting-up is neither time consuming nor resource intensive