Managed Detection & Response

Vigilance services, detection of data exfiltration, containment and eradication of attacks along with threat intelligence and SIEM, provide a formidable security system to help prevent data breach by their timely detection and fast and appropriate response
We provide a managed detection and response service that focuses on incident response, forensics, threat hunting and threat intelligence. We provide continuous monitoring of customer’s networks while reducing the huge volume of false positives generated by other security technologies.
The solution prevents alert fatigue caused by a huge inflow of alerts while only 1 % of attacks are detected through such logs. It also provides breach validation and does away with fortress mentality that believes attacks happen from outside which causes most cybersecurity measures to fail.
We present a more dynamic approach to security for organizations through continuous monitoring, hunting and response. We have a special threat detection and response architecture which detects and controls advanced threats which bypass perimeter controls.
For any cybersecurity measure, continuous is the main component. Response needs to be continuous as hackers never stop. Continuous here means our solution is always alert so that client systems can stay secure. Networks and endpoints are effectively monitored 24x7 applying the latest technologies to detect any compromised point which is further analyzed to confirm the breach.
We have different levels of subscription to suit the needs of different sizes and needs of organizations:
  • Continuous detection offers advanced multi-threat network detection sensors and deception and threat intel correlation to provide proper monitoring and alerts. This level is mainly suited for small organizations who have a higher threshold of risk tolerance
  • Continuous response has endpoint threat detection and response to the repertoire for detailed compromise reports for confirmed threats. It focuses on behaviour analysis of malware rather than its signature. It hunts down, blocks and quarantines malwares missed by perimeter controls. This is mainly suited for mid-sized organizarions with mid-level risk tolerance
  • Continuous hunting uses behavioral analytics and data science modelling techniques to flush out attackers from the network. Expert intrusion analysts monitor network 24x7. We leverage deceptions, deep and dark web monitoring, multi-threat network detection and network and endpoint forensics capability to provide investigation, analysis and classification all in real-time basis with detailed reports of the incidents. This level offers an advanced security that is suitable for large organizations with a low risk tolerance threshold
The solution is totally aligned with adaptive security architecture prescribed by Gartner to complement an organization’s existing security program. We deliver on all of Gartner’s 12 capabilities that are crucial for organizations to block, prevent, detect and respond to attacks.
Computer forensics deals with the application of investigative analysis techniques on any device to retrieve and preserve evidence.
At Tecnomic, the goal of our computer forensics solution is the formulation and orchestration of investigation on any device to find out what the incident was and who caused it. This is finally put into an official report, maintaining the chain of evidence. This report can be further put to use by the management to determine course of action. An audit trail is also generated for further use by other involved parties.
We provide a platform to commercial organizations to investigate cases like fraud, intellectual property theft, regulatory compliance and the like.

We work in the following:

  • Risk Profiling/Due Diligence
  • Intelligence Gathering/Investigation
  • Whistle-blower Program Management
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Embedded Vigilance Services
  • e-Discovery
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Data Analytics

Features & Benefits:

Detect & Eliminate Threats

By combining historical forensics and continuous monitoring, APTs, malware and zero-day attacks can be exposed

Reduce Alerts

Reduction in false positives and false negatives helps in concentrating on real threats

Improve Analyst Efficiency

Scalable detection, analysis and response to threats                                                                          

Strengthen Endpoint Security

Closes gaps, identifies compromises and responds faster by integrating with other endpoint security tools

Security Operations Center

Augmentation with SOC for 24x7 monitoring for malware analysis and the like