Incidence Response

Incident Response is the method an organization follows for clean up and recovery in case of a cybersecurity breach. As cyberthreats proliferate, incident response plans become critical to an organization's cyber defenses.

We follow a 6-step approach to generate a viable incident response plan:


Development of policies to follow in the event of a breach which includes determining the composition of the response team and triggers to alert internal partners, along with documentation


Fast detection of a breach using threat intelligence, firewalls, and facilitating a quick response


Successfully containing damage and preventing further penetration                                                                          


Neutralizing the threat restoring the internal system to prior condition. Additionally, secondary monitoring helps prevent subsequent attacks


Validation that all systems are no longer infected and can be returned to previous condition. Also, fully restoring operations and continued monitoring for any abnormal network activity is part of this step


Determination of future efforts by evaluating current policies and decisions. Formulation of a condensed report that can be used for future training of response teams