File Integrity Monitoring

FIM is an IT security process and technology that tests operating systems, databases, applications and files to find out if they have been meddled with or modified in any way.
Our solution does this through verification and validation of all files by comparison with previously set baselines. If any corruption is detected, our FIM solution generates alerts for investigation into the matter and required recovery takes place for the files. File integrity monitoring encompasses both reactive (forensic) auditing as well as proactive, rules-based active monitoring.
Our FIM detects illicit activity; pinpoints unauthorized changes; verifies update status and monitors system health and meets compliance mandates like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc

The solution works in the following manner:

Tracking file and directory access and use

Detect and generation of alerts on changes to key files, folders, and registry settings along with identifying key users in the process who have accessed the file or made changes in it

Using a file integrity checker to detect malware threats

Correlation of logs and configuration of an integrated response action to trigger when certain conditions exist that can kill a malicious process or quarantine systems for complete endpoint protection

Meeting FIM security compliance requirements

Built in templates for auditing key files and folders and subsequent report generation to facilitate PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA compliance among other regulations

Easily integrating Security Event Manager into Microsoft OS

Customization to monitor either individual nodes or entire connector profiles