Data Governance

The extensive proliferation of businesses has given a large number of people access to corporate data. To mitigate this insider threat or outsider attacks, firms need to come up with different data loss prevention strategies. In particular, they need to stop confidential customer data and intellectual property from leaving the network.

To help our clients achieve this and more, we collaborate with the best Cybersecurity vendors to provide top notch cross-platform DLP solutions and services that take care of Windows, macOS, Linux systems as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, including the risk of inadvertent or accidental data loss.

We help you stay in compliance with the varied data privacy requirements without any disruption in your business. Installation and implementation gets done in 30 minutes with absolute ease of application and management.
With our industry leading solutions, we expertly monitor real-time events and apply centrally managed security policies to regulate and restrict how employees use and transfer sensitive data. Our solutions provide visibility and control over the data being stored, used or moved by the users.
We help with planning, delivery and subsequent maintenance of required solutions. In case you have a DLP solution already installed, we can help with sustenance of the same. We also provide customization of services as per requirements of our clients.
Our DLP and MDM solution suits any industry and any network size. We are designed to protect all data against insider threats while improving productivity and security of the organization. A blacklist and white list based approach helps in more efficient policy formulation that do not cause task interruption.
It can be set up in minutes as a hardware or as a virtual appliance. Cross appliance management interface provides the flexibility to monitor the network from any device. It also complies with all set rules and regulations thereby reducing hassle for the organization. The solution works across Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android systems on 5 verticals.
  • This works through application and URL blacklisting and whitelisting, content and context scanning, file tracing and shadowing and finally report and analysis
  • It helps to monitor and control data in transit and determines which can leave the company and which cannot via various policies set as per organizational regulations
  • Filters can be set up based on file types, applications, predefined and custom content, etc
  • It can revoke screen capture capabilities and thereby eliminate data leaks of sensitive content through Copy & Paste / Cut & Paste
  • It can help set up a transfer limit within a specific time interval. It can be either based on the number of files or file size. Alerts are generated in case of non-compliance with set policies

We offer the following services in the area of Data Loss/ Leakage Prevention:

Data Leakage Risk

Assessment of network and server infrastructure and subsequent reporting

DLP Implementation

Installation, integration, maintenance and monitoring of DLP solutions for the client

Data Classification

Uniform data classification standard that prompts data handlers to treat sensitive data with required judiciousness

Data Security Roadmap

Formulation of the most important path through determining what is best for a firm and what are its security needs based on the vision and mission of the organization

Data Architecture

Starting right from Taking stock of all tools and systems being used by an organization down to data visualization and its reporting and analysis

DLP Incident Monitoring

Monitoring incident lists, tasks and history                                                                          

DLP Support 24x7

24x7 support availability to guide users through any problems or required exceptions

DLP Administration

Administration of the platform                                                                          

DLP Policy Management

Formulation of policies and their updations and customizations                                                                          

Data Flow Mapping

Documentation of data flow among assets, detailing the items transferred and methods used for the same and subsequent reviewing and reporting of the same