Data Discovery

Data Discovery and Classification provides the ability to scan the databases , find and locate sensitive data according to the customer priorities. The system comes with 20 predefined sensitive information types and the customer can add more very easily , the system scans the databases and find all location of the sensitive data even if it appears in different forms.The system has highly advanced mechanisms to reduce the false positive rate so the customer can get the most accurate picture possible of his sensitive data

Static Data Masking
This provides the ability to mask (replace) real sensitive data of high value. The real name gets replaced by a masked or not-real name and the same is done for the rest of the high value data. The system anonymizes the sensitive data and effectively changes it into non sensitive data.
The first challenge in this area is first to mask the data in a way that the application will be able to work with the masked data. The second, is to keep the masked data consistent.
Verification abilities
This provides the ability to run scans as a routine (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), compare it to the initial scan (the one that was done in the preliminary data discovery phase), find and send alerts on the changes in sensitive data (locations, new tables, new columns, etc.)
In this way the system allows the CISO/Compliance/DPO to stay in control over their sensitive data all the time.

Benefits for our customers:

Sensitive Data Discovery

Sensitive data discovery and classification for production environments

Static Data Masking

Static data masking for non production environments (test, QA, devOps, etc.)

Expose Database Copies

Sensitive data classification and masking for exposing database copies for third party service/development providers

Secure Cloud Migration

Sensitive Data discovery and classification for secure cloud migration

Cloud Applications

Sensitive Data discovery for cloud applications like Salesforce and others