Shield IoT

ShieldIOT delivers innovative cybersecurity solutions that enable service providers and utilities to protect any IoT device, application or network. ShieldIOT is a single scalable platform and does not require any network changes, development resources or unique security expertise. Their AI-powered software security platform, combines patented AI network anomaly detection and device-based security mechanisms with centralized security management, to secure and manage the security of large complex IoT networks.
The ShieldIOT software security platform enables service providers, IoT brands and integrators to secure large complex connected device networks
ShieldIOT delivers a complete Coreset-AI powered software platform to secure and manage any IoT device, application and network.

Features & Benefits:

Automatic Detection

Automatically detect the first signs of unknown cyber attacks and operational events

Gateway Security

Shield IoT prevents damage to device operation and safeguards connected IoT network components

Security Manager

Intuitive and automated management of security events, devices, policies, updates and risk mitigation actions

AI Network Security

Analyzes device communications to identify the first signs of cyber-attacks and operational anomalies

Operational Security

Ensure continuous business operation across your entire IoT network                                                                          

Visibility & Control

Find out the operational status of any device in your IoT network                                                                          

Asset Management

Optimize utilization and performance of connected devices                                                                          

Quality & Compliance

Standardize device quality and compliance requirements                                                                          

Ease of Deployment & Operations

Flexible deployment models, unlimited scalability